Today I "subsisted" (if you can call it that) on very little sleep. Zombie again. Studied for 5 hours straight in the evening (ok, w/ some breaks) & filled up on junk food. What a day, huh? Oh yeah, I managed to flake on work. But guilt tripped myself into not flaking my friend for like the 20th time, tomorrow night. Yay me! I'm gonna be sooo tired tomorrow.

Studying was okay, except this big huge flying mosquito-like bug attacked me while i was washing my hands in the restroom. Then, it proceeded to attack me every couple minutes while i was sitting down studying. it would fly into my face, I would jump up, scream...& startle everyone else around me who was studying. It was great...=( I was soo scared I couldn't even sit in my chair and I had chills running up and down my spine for a loooong time. Every time I sat down to start studying it would fly at me. I couldn't even concentrate & I was probably starting to annoy ppl with my constant screaming & running around, but, what could i do? I told Rena, who said she would kill it when it came down from the ceiling b/c she can't reach that high. Sure enuff it came back for more blood. Mine. So, the whole routine ensued, I jumped up, screamed, ran away...but this time, Rena jumped up as well. The bug starts flying towards me in a bee-line (though it is noooo bee) & i back against the wall yelling for help! Rena comes running towards me w/ her shoe in her hand & smacks the bug. I crouch in the corner of the room waiting for her to give me the verdict. It never attacked me again. So i think she got it! Thank G-d!!! But, for the next hour or more I could not concentrate and i still had the chills. In fact, I'm getting them as I write this damn entry. Rena, victorious, put her shoe back on and told me I was lucky to have her around to save me. Yes, very true.

In other news...my building had no hot water this entire day--apparently just came back, it's shower time!!!

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