To my best friend, Namrata:

I want you to know that I truly appreciate your friendship. I'm sorry that sometimes it seems like I'm too busy or preoccupied with other pursuits to show that I care. But, I do. We've known each other for five years and shared some hilarious and not so hilarious times. But all of them are memorable. For better or worse I think of you as a sister, and that's why I know we will never part ways. Though we get into a lot of arguments, I know somehow we'll resolve them. I don't know whether or not this nostalgia is called for, those good old days were fun...yet, I know, once we get through the tough times with transitioning to college and learning how to balance everything...I know everything will be good again. In other things I may be pessimistic, but in our friendship I am an eternal optimist. Eternal.

Love, Your best bud,


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