Since ppl don't really respond to posts about my thoughts & boring things like that...here's another quiz!

Send back...please....*whimpers*

1) would you ever date someone younger than you: not too much younger, or that's just nasty!
2) someone older: not too much older, or that's just nasty! (again)
3) have you ever smoked weed: nope
4) ever been drunk: I'm drunk on life, or, rather, high on life.
5) been in love: what's it to you?
6) loved someone who you knew you couldn't have: maybe liked them, but love? them's fighting words!
7) gotten in a car accident: yes.
8) broken a bone: yes.
9) had your heart broken: not completely.
10) cheated on someone: nope
11) been cheated on: they're probably too smart to tell me. (not to my knowledge)
12) last time you said i love you to someone: two days ago.
13) last time you cried: hmmm.
14) last time you laughed: today, when i realized i didn't have anymore class!
15) where do you see yourself in 10 years: well, ideally, at my office in CIA headquarters, prepping for a vacation after receiving a bonus for all my great work! =)
16) what age do you see yourself married at: let's insert the word "hope" here & say...i think 26ish would be a good age. (emphasis on the "ish"--which can span a couple years)
17) describe your dream wedding: somewhere beautiful, stress-free, w/ the man i love. =)
18) do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes, at home...but i didn't bring him back 2nd semester b/c i didn't want ppl to harm him...he's my baby
20) if you could dye your hair one color what would it be: black.
21) have you ever been skinny-dipping: in my bathtub.
22) do you eat chicken with fingers or with a fork: fingers when i'm comfie (or i don't care), fork when i'm trying to be polite & not look like a pig.
23) would you rather give or receive: depends on the situation.
24) how many homes have you lived in: 3 and a dorm room.
25) do you play any instruments: yep. piano & a tad bit clarinet.
26) one pillow or two: two!
27) do you get along with your parents: usually.
28) do you drive: sort of.
29) what kind of car do you have: "had"
30) what's your favorite color(s): blue.
31) do you work: yes
32) what's your favorite food: persian food/chinese food.
33) do you have braces: nope
34) stupid stuff: can be fun!
35) how many guys/girls have you kissed: get ur thrills elsewhere!
36) when was the last time you went on a date: me or the other person?
37) have you ever got in serious trouble: Yes.
38) why is the sky blue: well...b/c the sun is absorbing all but blue wavelengths so it reflects the color blue back to u & me!
39) who was your first crush: Robbie.
40) when you meet a person of your preferred sex, you first notice their: height.
41) are you the romantic type: i'm a sap at heart.
42) have you ever been chased by cops: shhhh
43) what's a secret you've never told anyone: why would i tell u?
44) have you ever done drugs: tylenol, advil...

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