I've just been officially betrayed for the first time. okay...so it was only in a game of assassin, but i really do feel hurt! this guy who was supposedly helping me out lured me in & then let someone else kill me. Now get this...it was shortly after i told him i really needed the prize money to pay for stuff (like pay my parents back for things, expenses (not leisure), etc...) I know this probably doesn't even warrant a blog entry, but i'm just fuming mad. I cannot quite believe it. I absolutely despise it in fact! Here's our conversation afterward...I tried very hard to be civil.

him (5:06:25 PM): sorry, I've screwed over many ppl in this game
him (5:06:27 PM): I feel super guilty
me (5:06:34 PM): u should be
me (5:06:39 PM): i just told u i really needed the money too
him (5:06:59 PM): yeah, that's why I really feel bad
me (5:07:13 PM): i mean seriously u coulda just told me u didn't wanna help out or watever
me (5:07:22 PM): if i died on my own it's parta the game
me (5:07:24 PM): ugh
him (5:07:30 PM): but i wanted to help
him (5:07:36 PM): kill Dan
him (5:07:44 PM): and Ai will kill Dan quicker
me (5:07:53 PM): no that's not true
me (5:07:58 PM): not necessarily
me (5:08:19 PM): he will suspect her more than me
him (5:09:21 PM): look, I'm sorry that I fucked you over in the game, but I live with these ppl, theyre a part of my life, hourly, i wish you the best of times
me (5:09:46 PM): yeayea, i know
me (5:09:47 PM): it's okay

NO IT'S NOT! That was just me being polite, while holding in the urge to go downstairs and strangle him!!! yesyes, perhaps i'm taking this too seriously...but i'm pissed!

can you see the smoke?

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