AH YES! Things are going much better now.

+ covered my first story today. one guy came up to me, asked, "how long you been in the business?" haha.
+ two stories coming out tomorrow.
- co-intern also covering stories.
+ my two beats his one, AND mine come out first. muhahahaha =)
- was literally hit-on (don't ask) by disabled people (one in particular) while covering story.
+ got my own desk set up (finally)
+ ah...the joys of privacy! (ahem...like now)
+ got a nice phone call
+ will be attending a NASA press briefing tomorrow at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) tomorrow for the Mars rover launching Sunday. OOOH!
+ had a pretty good lunch
- a tad bit expensive
+ got lots of work to do (YES, this is a good thing. I am soooo excited!)
+ parents on vacation.
- parents on vacation.
- Winston's lonely
+ I will try and keep him company, at least quality, if not quantity.
+ No headache!

I hope this good day continues...

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