Am I on a roll? OR...Am I on a roll?

Something very traumatic happened to me today. Very traumatic. But, alas, it is hypersensitive information, need to know basis. So, ask me in person, or you will never know. (if you ask me you might still not know...sorwee...no guarantees.)

Neway, Ben's kewl article now graces the pages of The Daily Review. Nice.

I won rock, paper, scissor...again. Was there any doubt? This time i won a prize. A hat! My mom brought back two kewl hats from Great Britain (somewhere there) and my sis and i, of course, liked the same hat. So...we played rock, paper, scissor, and settled it like adults. it was actually her idea. After I kicked her butt at it, she got all pissy. This was her defense...to paraphrase (and if she reads this, i'm sure she'll kill me...): "I'm not mad b/c I lost, it's because she thinks she's so good at rock, paper, scissor!"

With my graceful win and all, i decided to rub it in her face. =) "I AM!" i replied. "I always win."

I do, you know. Try me.

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