My new cell phone, of barely a couple months, (featured on this site, earlier), just stopped working. It won't turn on. I have tried everything!!! Took the battery out, etc. The screen is black, once light came on, but then it shut off shortly after. Nothing is working! I tried pressing on the "on" button for a while, now i'm scared i'll break it. Woe is me! Woe, woe, WOE!

Thus, if you must reach me, and you know me. a) call me at home(if you have the #), b) email me (if you have the address), c) shout out.

I will hear you.
btw, this means i have no one's number. unless u're lucky enuff to have had me incorporate it into the jumble that is my brain. i feel so lost...

Now, everyone...pray for my phone. hopefully, it's just batteries, nerves, or both.

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