And now for my much anticipated blog on driving...(well, anticipated by me, at least...)

Common sightings:

Ahhh, so, ppl get on the road and you'll always see them damn tailgaters...you know who you are. You latch onto the back of someone's bumper, & you never let go!!!...augh! You are the reason for many of those collision accidents! THEN, you have the "gutter drivers," you know, the ones who speed through the right lane, using it as a little transitionary zone, clogging up traffic by cutting into other ppls lanes, braking suddenly and causing the occasional accident. I'll bet anything that many accidents are caused by these "gutter drivers"...in fact! I saw it with my own eyes. (a couple times)...some poor car, trying to make a turn, gets smashed! by a speeding car...granted, it's the turner's fault. but ppl! possess yourselves w/ some patience!!! Oh yes, and then, the cell phone, radio switcher, freaks. enuff said. =)

Freeway driving:

As a regular flock member of the freeway group nowadayz...i'll mention a little here of my own experiences w/ these type ppl.
a) mirror watchers: ppl so intently checking their mirrors for police, their parole officer and the like, that they don't pay any attention to the road in front of them! The result? sudden braking that leaves everyone in the lane w/ their bumper an inch away from the car in front of them and all the passengers (and driver!) praying.
b) vengeance racers: ppl who want to get back at you for cutting them in a lane, even tho they were driving slow as hell. they suddenly come back to life, and chop in front of you, dangerously braking their cars b/c they never wanted to go so fast in the first place.
c) the weak wristed: you know, the ppl who can't control their cars and so, when turning, vary in and out of their lanes, freaking out every car and driver around them and causing some to tilt dangerously to prevent an accident. stupid fools!
d) those damn ppl who drop stuff in the middle of the road, (accidents too!--tho i can't feel truly mad at them): I've almost hit blankets, turned over cones, a spike and a metal box just somehow left in the middle of the freeway. while i'm rounding the bend i'll see cars dodging in and out of lanes. pretty soon i'm part of the pattern. or else i wouldn't be here

Well...that's about it! I'll add more if i think of it later.
DISCLAIMER: btw, I'm not blaming here...just stating. Hey...i might even do some of these occasionally (of course, completely accidentally). might being the operative word here. *grin*

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