Ohkay, so since i posted so long ago...uh, yeah

I had an awesome 10 days. well, awesome in comparison to some other 10 days i have experienced. maybe, relatively awesome? =) Eh, the reason for all the blubbering, stuttering, muttering, etc. is cuz the parents are back in the house. My stint w/ indpendence is over, until August. But, that's okay. It's great to have them back.

Even so, these last 10 days have made me realize that i cannot wait until i start working professionaly. Egad! I mean, seriously, days are fun, b/c work is fun (seriously, as u NorCalers would say...hella fun!)...and in the evenings and weekends, i can just chill, do watever i want! Wow, what a life. what a life. I envy you white-collar professionals. *(except for the overworked doctors, lawyers, computer ppl, engineers, politicans, um...)* Well, ideally, quality of life will be as excellent as the quantity of monetary compensation...hehe. i guess you just gotta be good at what you do. can't shoot for mediocrity, can we...

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