geez, so much has happened. i was pondering whether or not i should update. but i might as well...for all my adoring fans...or, um...yeah. i'm covering the America Fest 4th of July celebration going on at the Rose Bowl. There will be a military fly over, salute to the troops, 35 min. firework show done by the ppl who did the 2002 Winter Olympics show and some New Years shows at the Needle and LV, other places...plus food and live entertainment! You know, it's the thing being advertised by all the radio stations...ppl win tix and stuff. Well, I do a preview for Tuesday's paper on all the preparations and stuff. Well, it's great! The general manager of the Rose Bowl offered me as many tickets as I need to go. Tho, technically I can't accept them right now, since i'm workin on the article (preview). Maybe after we'll talk, so i told him. *wink, wink* Well, i drive over to the Rose Bowl to pick up a package left for me at the security booth there. When driving up to the booth, real slowly, etc...the huge gate slammed into my car. denting it, scartching, ripping part of the metal on my tire and a piece falls off. pissed off would not be accurate. i was freaking mad! But, to tell you the truth, I just wanted out of there. i didn't know the fence had been shut on me--i thought i wrongly measured the distance...i thought i was going crazy! but, the guy there, who had apparently done the same thing to tons of city cars, sparklers water (or whatever)...made me wait around in the freaking hot son...(i was there 1.5 hour, as opposed to 15 min.!) I finally talk to his supervisor and i start to realize they're the ones at fault. the supervisor tries to blame the scratches on me. hell no! anyway, this will hopefully be taken off. it's a little ironic, not very good PR for them to hit the car of the reporter who's supposed to be publicizing their event so that they can, as the general manager says, "not lose money." That's $500,000 they have to make up for! Damn, they bettah fix my car! Basically, the administrators begged me to not take it personally (prob in regards to the article) and started acting nicer to me. My parents were pissed to no end. But, cheered up a bit when they discovered that I'd be, hopefully (nothing's happened yet...but keeping the fingers crossed), taken care of. I spoke w/ the general manager and he said all would go well, that they'd pay for the expenses. Let's hope so...Now I have to do all this extra work...damn it!

So, then...i went back to work, tardy of course b/c I was stuck there and couldn't work on my article. I get home and go for a bike ride b4 Shabbat. A guy almost hits me, basically my bike hit the bumper of the car....and the guy just vroomed away! seriously, i was traumatized, almost completely hit!

Anyway, today was very nice. Went to synagogue, then helped someone with their work for journalism school (for some odd reason they wanted my opinion--weird but oh wellz *grin*). THEN! I went to the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer game, versus the Dallas Burn. Man, we kicked butt 3-0... What was sooo kewl was that i got Associated Press credentials, interviewed ppl as an AP reporter, b/c i was helping out with the story. I got to go into the locker room...man, oh man. So much fun! Then came home and here I am. Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow, today is was overcast...Just my luck. Sunny and burning hot all week. Then, come the weekend, overcast--when I wanna go to the beach w/ ma famille. Oh well, here's hoping. And that! my friends, is my weekend...thus far...in a nutshell. for more...ask me personally, and i'll provide details...

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