one thing about night time, plenty of time for deep thought. when that happens...you just gotta blog...

today i went to the best beach of all time. manhattan beach. great (aka huge) waves. the weather was supposed to be hot and sunny. unfortunately the haze and overcast weather chose to settle right above the beach. never mind. being the die-hard that i am, i plunged in...forcing namrata to come as well. eventually she got into it. we both (i think) had a ball. but i'll vouch for myself here, i most certainly did. the water turned out really warm. there was a pretty strong rip-tide, so the life guards were out there often enough, but i loved it. i haven't been to the beach forever, and there's something cleansing about a wave beating the hell out of you. catharsis, i suppose...and all that philosophical crap.

anyway, afterward, namrata came over and we karaoked for an hour...at least. it was a lot of fun, and another type of catharsis. tho, i wouldn't dance...i did stationary dancing, from my seat. i tried.

then we went out to grab some take-out and a movie. we ended up seeing "the good girl" w/ Jennifer Aniston. I thought it was excellent. a little graphic, but none of it superfluous. it really did a great job of depicting the craziness of normal life. one line...what was it..."only the devil himself knows how things ended up this way..." or some other sort of paraphrase of what jennifer aniston said is all too true. doesn't it sometimes feel like you have absolutely no control over what ends up happening to you? sure, you made the original choice, way back at the beginning. but even that was sort of derived from something else...i don't know. i guess i've lost myself in my thoughts.

tomorrow i have to get an estimate on my car, way early in the morning. i need to leave at 7:30 a.m. oh well.
for some reason, every song coming up on my playlist right now is depressing. interesting.

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