I've been at work for less than 30 minutes, and already it's been very odd...bizarre...to say the least.

one of my coworkers said some guy here at work "asked" about me. she told him he was too old for me. my curiosity piqued, i inquired to his age (she wouldn't give the name)...he's in his 40s she said! woah. yeah, i do have limits ppl. ;-) (i guess i should have been alerted of this anyway, he used the word "fetching"...who says that?)
Neway, now it's a little freaky wondering who this mysterious person is...ugh.

One a much more serious note. my coworker, who told me this news suffers from Hodgekins disease. She's only 25, but her doctors say she won't live for more than 12 or 15 months if they don't fig out something to do. She's very light-hearted about it. But, it's so sad. She has a list of things to do b4 she dies (including losing her virginity...in her words: "what's the point of waiting for marriage now"). Awww. She's such a kewl person. She's the one who read my tarot. (She's upset b/c she always gets the death card...) Life sucks. She seems completely healthy! =(

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