Another person passed away from the "event." The story keeps changing, but a lot of the basic facts remain the same. here's the new LA Times story. They also have a related story on the fact that stricter driving laws for the elderly might be urged as a result of this event. i honestly think that there should be some sort of rest for ppl past the age of 80 years to determine whether they are fit for driving. whether their reflexes are still quick enough, vising and hearing aren't impaired. unfortunately, some ppl are stubborn when they are elderly and will not go to the doctor, will not recognize the fact that they're aging and can pose a danger to other ppl by their actions.

case in point: my neighbor when i was younger was this wonderful old lady. she had a beautiful golden retriever that she loved. i believe she was approximately 83 years old, or thereabouts, when she was backing out of her driveway and killed her own dog. for days, weeks, months even, she was distraught over what she had done. then she stopped driving. sad, but true. we never talk about that event in her presence. in this case, unfortunately, nine people lost their lives. nine people--one just starting her life, and a married couple. the elderly must be responsible for their actions, just like you don't allow those under 16 years to drive, so too, those over 80 years should have to take some sort of exam to test their physical and mental fitness. it's only right.--otherwise, i believe it's equivalent to setting lose a drunk driver on the road when things go wrong. here's the LA Times' take on that issue. aha! the Washington Post story reveals that Weller, the guy responsible, may have been unfit to drive.

many ppl yesterday were searching for family members, loved ones, etc...scary. the LA Times did a story on one searching fiance.

and...just to brighten ur day (just kidding). or maybe cuz i'm obsessed w/ the story. here's some pictures:

i saw the scene, from a different corner. the effect was the same. but, it's worse when you're there.

those dents are where some bodies hit.

i think this is so sad.

The Red Cross really needs blood. i saw billions of emergency vehicles there, ppl trying to attend to victims. 50 ppl are injured...and, California has a blood shortage. (outside the skin, that is). Apparently they are on emergency status, according to City News Service reports. They are very very low on 0- blood type, tho all are welcome and low. They have enuff 0- for 6 hours. well, if i wasn't freaked out about needles and blood, perhaps i would give. perhaps i may, still.

update at 1:19 p.m.: death toll up to 10 ppl. the injured are at hospitals all over, including Cedars, UCLA, USC, ...

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