c'mon...give the guy a break. his funeral was today for G-d's sake.

you know, it really gets to me when the Los Angeles Times and New York Times call Stom Thurmond a segregationist and Dixiecrat in their obit headlines. The NY Times talks about him groping young women in elevators...and then...a couple pages down, talks about him aiding women rights and black groups. interesting, huh? nobody probably got that far. (except for me).

anyway, i think the NY Times has a real agenda to fill. They have great journalism, don't get me wrong. BUT, seriously, this was one of their headlines..."Rich get richer in 2002" or something of that sort. I mean, stories like that don't just pop up as news. you have to look for it, and then spin it to that angle. come on ppls!

i had a great chat with a friend who i met in china who lives in riverside and goes to school in ireland today. (confusing, eh?) she's a fellow republican...very kewl. i hope she can come down for July 4. we'll see.

you know, sometimes you don't even know the effect ppl have on you. i think i'm finally, (hopefully), getting over something that has been bothering me for about five years. actually, i wouldn't say bothering. maybe badgering, or tugging at me, for five years. yes, that's a long time, isn't it? perhaps that's why it's so hard to get over. but please, let it happen quickly...closure my friends, perhaps that's why i need, huh? just a little. but, why bring things from the past back. after all, i'm probably the only one that obsesses. *meditates*

aaannyyywayyz, in other news...my blog site has been acting a tad bit goofy. indeed, it didn't publish some stuff earlier today. so...a disclaimer, for any possible goofiness.

saw this on my friend's site...very interesting (and funny!) here's a direct cut/paste from Bonnie and Sophie's Blog:

1. Comfortable + Tension
The comfortable part means that you're just cool with chilling with the guy and you guys hang out (casually), and you can carry on a fun conversation and blah blah blah... But yet there's some kind of female-male tension in the air. It can be really subtle, or it can be just plain obvious. It might be possible that only YOU feel the tension.. but anyway, this supposedly means you like the guy, or at the very least you have a mild interest in him. I think this is a good point to identify with if you are constantly in denial.

2. Uncomfortable + Tension
This totally cracked me up but to directly quote Summer she said, "this just means that the guy is hot."

3. Comfortable + No Tension
This is just a guy that you're 100 % just FRIENDS with, and you basically don't even think of thim as a "guy" (a.k.a the opposite sex). One of those ideal friendships.

4. Uncomfortable + No Tension
I think this made me laugh even harder than number 2, but this supposedly just means that the guy is plain weird.

my mother has been bugging me to play piano more often. but i'm just not in the mood. doesn't anybody care? i know i know, they spent a lot of time and money, it was an investment, those lessons of mine...years and years, more than a decade! i will play. but the more they tell me to do it, the more i get lectured about it (and trust me, i've been lectured up the wazoo)...the more i don't want to do it. so, i get annoyed and tell my mom i've already heard her damn lecture (not in those words)...so she gets upset and lectures more. it's a catch22 (cheers, amy!)...and i can't get out of it...so i just ignore her and tend to my own business, which is reading a sarcastic op-ed on strom thurmond (damn liberals)...which brings me to blogger. well, she's waiting for me to go talk w/ her..."talk" w/ her...in her room. nothing doing. i'm staying right here. i know what awaits me in the lion's den--and i'm no daniel. (i also have a breaking point.)

*sigh* i wanna go bike riding, right now. but, it's dark. oh wellz.

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