SOMEONE, GIVE ME A GUN! (holds back wave of anger...unsuccessfully)

my co-intern is driving me crazy!!! he came up to me w/ a couple briefs. gave me 2/3 of them and showed me the third. he wants to cover it, he says. what is it? Bill Simon is coming to speak in Pasadena. DAMN HIM! He asks me if i'm a registered Republican--i say, yes, but not partisan. He says he's a registered Democrat and very partisan. Wonderful, ain't it? Not only that, but he was the guy who gave me the brief on a republican lady coming to town, b/c he didn't wanna write it and said he would give it bad coverage. very nice...very verry nice. ugh!!!

so, i've missed interviewing Bush, Clinton and now...i suppose...Simon, all in the last 3 months. Wow, am i special.

well he knows i'm interested in covering it, and we have a 15 minute "playful" argument, lots of dripping sarcasm and the like. now i'm doing a stupid jazz brief and he's got that other thing. i tell him that i'm more for Riordan than Simon. ya know what he says? "Good, so you're not a Nazi"--OMG! GAAAAH!

he says, you've got all the good stories anyway, you've had more. blah blah. yet, he had a front-pager today! It's official. the competition is on. i just hope he still feels so arrogant and egotistical after i'm done with him and his bloody corpse is lying in the middle of the road...(covered w/ Bill Simon bumper stickers)...

when i told him i was interested in learning what Simon had to say, not spinning the issue (as he is...and he is willing to admit this!--btw, he's not a news writer, he's an opinion writer!!!! GRRRR...)...he told me "you can come." oh great. how nice of him to offer me the chance to trail him as he reports on the thing. damn him!!!

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