OOMMMMMGGGGG!!! I'm doing the story instead.

how, you ask?

Tami is officially evil.

after my co-intern left...i asked the boss myself. he said i could do it. (i did mention ady wanted it and that he had picked it up, but my editor gave it to me)...

the h.s. intern nearly pushed me to be more pushy (haha) about wanting the story. so i was, and i got it. now i feel so political...augh! how am i gonna speak w/ him every again? he had already put the story under his agenda thing, like he was covering it. BUT here's my thing. i'll just say...if u had really wanted it, i thought u would have asked right away.

man...i'm in trouble, aren't i.

but hey! i'm gonna go hear bill simon speak next thursday!!! WOOHOO! this should be interesting. let's see...gonna ask him some toughies...about sour grapes (whether he'll run)...etc. any suggestions? help me put bill simon through the wringer w/ some awesome questions!

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