OOOWWWWWWWW!!! I slammed my toe into the table while walking over to this computer! My little toe!

u know what my sympathetic dad said?

Dad: "You know these things happen to you...hitting ur head against things...walking into things...you should be more careful, extra careful!...oh...are u okay?"

funny perhaps...in retrospect.

anywayz...i'm soooo screwed. i just realized my midterm is a week away, on like roughly 200 pages of material (i wouldn't really know since i don't have the book)...and none of my books are here yet, they're probably not even shipped off yet...and it's a holiday friday...fewer days to get mail!!! AUGH! I went to Borders to check up on whether they have the book there...they don't! AND, it'd take 2-4 weeks to order the book! What the hell!?! I'm gettin' a little nervous here.

the whole co-intern situation is not win-win at all. i feel extremely bad and guilty. =(
But, Namrata made me feel a bit better. she said he would have done the same thing. and...i think it'd true. plus! i was exceedingly politically correct. oh well...woe is me. my conscience is a mighty thing.

i got the tickets for Americafest from the Rose Bowl...picked 'em up, that is. It's kewl. I'm excited!

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