damn, when things get hectic, they get HECTIC! Anyway, i have a billion stories to write all of a sudden, when I should be wrapping up over here. but, hey...i like it! There's so much to catch up on...

but, first! my day: after a 3 hour long interview...i got grab food. I'm driving through the parking structure at my work place and suddenly a car comes whipping toward me, not on its side...well...naturally, I slam on the brakes. naturally, the cup i have...let me rephrase...had in my cup holder, falls to the floor, drenching the car in sticky, sweet soda...joy to the freaking world. that plainly sucked. and, i had so much stuff to do, so u know what? it will be sitting there during my ride home, and since i'm busy tonight...my ride tomorrow morning (cuz i have to work early, AGAIN, for the 4th day in a row...i do believe...or 4th day this week)...i will clean it sometime, somehow. and i just got my car cleaned up too! ugh.

one good thing. my fav professor at Cal, thus far, wants to research w/ me! yayayayayayayayayayay! well...here's hoping it works out.

I really should be working. i really really should. just finished writing an article. gotta buckle down and punch out two others, and call up five people and do a couple more interviews. blech.

tonight coleman invited me to go to this businessy function thingamajig honoring Bert Boeckmann...(i think i spelled it right), anyway, Larry King is the host and hopefully Richard Riordan will be there. so kewl. if i can tear myself away from the office and finish my work (which i have to), then everything will work out, hopefully. anyway, there's sure to be a lot of kewl Republican (like PB&J) ppl there. (including moi, *wink, wink*)...

what else...my parents have really been upset with me about minute things lately. cleaning, as usual. but, little things, like getting home on time, answering the cell, going to sleep...using the computer...(well, hey, they're little to me).

now for a completely random note, something i must remember to do...b/c i'll forget it, i'm gonna put my check list here:

-call AT&T to fix up phone bill for cell probs (24 days...grrr, plus shipping! double grr.)
-clean car floor
-study for midterm on Monday (that's a biggie, almost forgot.)
-early interview tomorrow morning.
-email DC about beat.
-scheduling 7/31
-take care of stipend crap
-Wok 'n Roll sushi
-stupid presentation.
-many many freaking articles.
-ugh...too much more...

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