Oh mon Dieu! I had such a great night!!! I went to the dinner honoring Bert Boeckmann...it was sooo kewl. Apparently, the guy is (according to Coleman's dad) the San Bernardino Valley, and from what i gather, he really is. I mean, he owns Galpin Ford, was police commissioner for 17 yrs (is retiring, hence the honorary event)...and a whole slew of other things...The whole thing was soooo kewl. I kept making random exclamations about the kewlnessness of it all. Richard Riordan was there!!! So was Gray Davis...Mayor Hahn...and a bunch of other VIPs, like the former secretary of the treasury (sounds important, huh?)--who's name escapes me at the moment. President George W. Bush also sent a personal mssg that was read to the 1,375 ppl there. The food was great! I couldn't eat the meat b/c there was cream/dairy (dessert) on the menu, so i asked for extra fish. They brought me an extra plate. I felt soooo lady like with two huge plates in front of me...yep. (in case u were wondering, sarcasm, my friends...) Anyway, i really really liked the shirt i was wearing, it was soooooo kewl. oh yeah, and i got to use a really nice purse too. brand new. Larry King was the host of the event--damn was he funny. When he introduced Gray Davis he was like..."there's so much to say here..."...and then later, he said "well, it's great to have Davis here, for now"---you can just imagine that muhahahaha. Then he was talking about his family, and he's like...i have a 3 yr old and a 4yr old at home...no viagra! it was soo funny, Boeckmann was thanking ppl, and he did this huge long great thing for Riordan, at the very beginning, and a 2 second throw away to Davis at the very end...hilarious! Ah, July 24 is Bert Boeckmann day...kewl huh? Davis just named it that. Damn, i want a day named after me!

What else...what else...I took a flower arrangement...i just HAD too...they were soo pretty. Plus! all the rich ppl were pillfering, and i'm just a poor student...*tears of self-pity.* Yeah, so we have to wait an hour for the car to come by valet. Some ppl came out late and just got their cars right away....how? Franklin...yup...Franklin...ah, woe. So then, i get in the car and i have the flower arrangement, filled w/ water on my lap. Coleman purposely brakes hard at the beginning, just for fun...(some fun! hmph!)...so i put the flower pot on the middle divider thing of his car so that it will fall all over his car. he starts driving carefully after that...*evil grin.* Anyway, we get back to his place and i gather my things together. i empty the water from the pot so i can drive home w/out RE-drowning my car...damn it! but, while empyting the water, i flood his kitchen...sorta...Well then, we're in his elevator talking about the word concise, pithy, terse and brief....and their connotations (interesting conversation, i know...actually, it was!) so, i'm like terse, terse, terse...damn, i forgot my purse! and coleman's like...what? and so we go all the way up to his place again and he hands me my purse, meanwhile motioning to the sweater i also forgot...(hmmm...) Well, i pick it up, but, upside down, so everything falls out of it. so i bend down to pick it up...meanwhile coleman comments, "tami, you're so clumsy" (ah, makes u feel just like baked apple pie inside, doesn't it?)--of course, i deny deny deny! While denying, since the gods smile on me, i drop my program and little souvenir, juggling them wildly b4 dropping them...for extra effect. coleman, by now, is laughing hysterically--i'm a one woman show! We FINALLY get back into the elevator, i get to my car and i get home. alive. but man, it was such a kewl night. i have tons more to say, but i won't bore you guys anymore than absolutely necessary. wooha!

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