I'm over at the new and unimproved Heller Lounge...posting...well, obviously. Haven't been feeling very spirited lately...as in the last couple weeks...maybe it b/c it coincides with midterms and papers, lack of sleep or just general indolence and the inability to become motivated on my part. but, i suppose it's true, b/c i'm not motivated. i have unending ambition. but that's not motivation--and it only makes things worse, b/c there's so much more i need to do that i cannot do. so much more i want to do that...again...i cannot do. and so much stuff that i feel like i will never do nor will i ever succeed in. it always seems like at the end of the day, when i look at my check list, that nearly 90 percent of it, or more is left undone. somehow i feel as if i've lost my ability to accomplish things and get them done. ack, i feel like moving somewhere and starting over, after a long lonely, heart-wrenching (b/c all good things come out of such experiences, no?) and reflective summer will do me good. hmmm...am i on the right track? or am i...

France here i come. (well...that all depends on whether i ever finish my paperwork, submit a timeline to my parents and inform my current housemates on whether i will be living there next year...all by March 29)--do you see how ineffective i am? a college student with her life falling apart. wonderful.

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