Thank G-d they don't cancel your site after an allotted amount of time...finally postin' again.

this time i was inspired by Amy...who was inspired by someone else (i forget his name on her post)...

I am: what I am.
I miss: being absolutely carefree.
I want: perfection.
I have: very little money.
I hate: spiders, mushrooms, olives, raisins.
I fear: failure.
I play: most things that are legal.
I hear: the fan of my loud, clunky old computer.
I care: about things way too much.
I smile: at things that are funny, ridiculous, pathetic...
I wonder: what I'll be doing in seven years.
I poke: people.
I love: food.
I mess: with peoples' minds a lot. they don't get it though.
I think: waaaay too much.
I always: try to try my best.
I am not: what I seem. (an adaptation of Amy's answer).
I wish: I had more of an idea about things...like...the future.
I keep: a lot of crap in my room.
I can't: help it that I bruise myself all the time.
I write: on computers...otherwise I hate writing.
I lose: everything.
I smell: chicken dumplings on my breath.
I confuse: other people.
I need: help.
I should: really go study and catch up on homework.
I dance: when no one's watching.
I laugh: if I am genuinely humored. otherwise...i chuckle.
I cry: rarely and only when ppl can't see/laugh.
I talk: a lot with people I like or am comfortable with. Very little when I'm a) working, b) uncomfortable, c) tired.

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