hmm...i should probably give an account of columbus, ohio. i realize that i haven't done that for ppl. if you know me...you know why i'm here. as for the place itself. well, it's quite interesting. there's a lot more to do here then ppl think there is. and, as some say...it really is an undiscovered place, many like to keep it that way so that it doesn't get too crowded or increase the cost of living.

my roommates here are all really nice. one of them, lily, is really really kewl. the first day she intro'd me to the city, helped me get a matress and basically saved me from being horrendously late to work. after patrick left (he came here to help me move...), she took me out to take my mind off things. it was really nice. anyway, she's really mellow and straightforward about things, which is good. but also, quite understanding and always unexpectedly genuine about things. i mean, like spontaneously--which is not normal for most ppl i meet, i mean to say that her head's on straight and her intentions are always really really good. not so for many others. but, i haven't gotten to know her too well to give a full analysis. that's only the primary one.

anyway, my room is quite empty. except for my LSAT book. right now i'm at work and i'm sure the entire office is glaring at me while i type this. i'll stop now.

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