just got back from the intern lunch. free (bad) pizza and "pop"...everyone calls it pop here...the first day i didn't really even know what they were talking about. but then i got it.

anyway, enough of a digression. I met all the interns, they're a pretty kewl group, well i only spoke with a couple. but, it was nice. one of the guys there was a fulltime reporter with The Boston Globe last year--he goes to BU. Anyway, he's apparently read my articles & said they were "good stuff." I felt bad, b/c I don't really read too many articles on other pages. *sigh*...anyway, it was nice.

I brought back some pizza, Donato's...don't eat it!...for the business ppl. they were happy. i'm thinking of interesting flip side stories--stuff that'll appeal to younger readers, on anything really...so, if you have an idea, lemme know.

i had to help out w/ research on another article, it's a little annoying. but i did it. i feel kinda like things are slowing down a lot here, maybe b/c i'm blogging all the time or just distracted. but i'm getting fewer stories... =(

what else? i forget...will write more later...

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