so, i talked with him again last night...and started rambling...bad bad idea. *sigh*

anyway, i had the oddest dream. i was trying to get fast food at some restaurant, but was used to LARGE portions...and couldn't downsize properly. I actually only needed a small amount of fries, hamburger, ketchup, etc...and that worked a bit, but then I couldn't do the soda right. I would keep having huge 2-litter bottles when i only needed a tiny cup. I'm wondering if this dream is symbolic for anything...and the whole morning/night i was trying to figure it out. the thing is, I don't even know if that's exactly what i dreamed anymore. so much for that.

tomorrow i go home...a return to civilization...j/k. anyway, it's my sister's graduation, but i also have all this stuff to do--like visa stuff for France. my mentor is going to give me a ride to the airport tomorrow, so i'm lucky. i'll just bring all my stuff with me to work.

what a retarded entry this was. oh well.

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