A couple things while my sweat dries off and before I jump into the shower...

Two days ago I was attacked by a can of tuna--I was left sprayed with fish and later had to comb it out of my hair. My pajamas are still fish stained.

Yesterday, my eyeball killed a bug. Yes, my eyeball.

Today? I had two large lunches in quick succession and not much else.

I'm trying to pick the odd parts of my day and highlight them here, for my own good memory--or lack of one.

On the way back home while on the bus I started thinking. What are there all these bloggers, journalers, xangaers, whateverers...doing or rather why are they doing it? What makes it so appealing to type away endlessly online, often in a supposedly private journal setting/format for others to look at? And what is the appeal for people to read these?

The latter question is quite easy--voyeuristic highs and living vicariously through other people. People want to keep up with each others lives...sometimes without the other person knowing. That leads me to those people (and you know who you are) who read other peoples' journals without leaving comments or even mentioning it to those people in real life. Who knows? That guy you were talking about who's in your Chem class? He could have stumbled upon your journal and be reading it right now. Your life's secrets betrayed--which is why lots of people aren't too personal in their journals. Thus, you often end up with an entirely ambiguous, nonsensical, random assortment of thoughts (much like these here), that people piddle their ways through in an effort to find out what other people are up to aka waste time.

As for the former question I raised--why people write all this crap in the first place--perhaps it's because we find ourselves living, more and more, in a world taken over by technology, where close, face-to-face relationships are hard to find, attain and keep hold of, and it's much easier to tell a person you like them over AIM than it will ever be in person. Perhaps it's because people are so busy now it's difficult to sit a person down for a long block of time and speak with them in depth and concentrated on a certain topic. Yeah, you can do it, but only if you find the right people/person--and that's hard. Or perhaps it's because so many people find themselves trying to live to the superficial norms of the 21st Century that they feel empty in their friendships and their lives and have no close friend(s) they can talk their thoughts out to...instead, they turn to their computers and their online journals.

Is it possible that all those people who write and write away in their journals are really just lonely people with no close friends that must blather away to a computer in order to feel like they confided in someone (thing)? Perhaps they're only outlet for seeking approval is through their computer and their relationship with it to others.


I guess I'll ponder that in the shower.

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