I was going to put a really great picture of Lance Armstrong up...but, for some reason, it wouldn't work. Man, I really love this new blogger formatting ability. You can type things in and quite easily italicize, bold, or underline...man...seriously. no pain...

anyway, I've been keeping up with the Tour de France, as much as possible. It's one of my very favorite sporting events--for many reasons--I mean, I love bike riding. I also really enjoy the entire race. It's very addicting, and there's so much drama and larger than life competitors. Not to mention, Armstrong. Talk about representing the United States. Americans are kicking butt in the race, and U.S. Postal has an amazing team with great depth. I guess I really got into it a couple summers ago when I was in France during the summer at the same time the Tour was going on, and every morning would read the French papers from the hotel we were staying at, tracking the bikers. It was so much fun (and great for those long drives to diff sightseeing spots).

Anyway! I think I neglected saying Happy Birthday to Amy!!! Yes, Happy Birthday. Sadly, there's no real decent way of reaching you other than the Internet (that I am able to do...).

So, guess what? You'll never guess. Well, maybe some of you will because you heard it directly from me. But, I was on television today. It was really really kewl...and quite scary. The business desk is the only group at the entire paper that has had people going on television to talk about articles they've written or are reporting on. We get our own ear pieces and everything. It's awesome. Though I haven't yet seen myself (slightly scared to), everybody at the office has--I was late to work, sigh. They were all really nice, said I got one of the longest soundbytes, ever--something like, 15 seconds. yeah baby! It was kinda weird talking to people who were asking you questions in an earpiece, but I got used to it. I tried to put on my game face...bwahahahaha...Actually, i got back from an interview and was told I was going on television five minutes later--so much for preparation. so the wide-eyed, worried me just winged it. btw, I use a left earpiece. like all normal ppl. (It's usually put in the side you talk on the phone with--again, the left).

Okay, more news. Last night, for the first time ever, I karaoked, yes yes...i did! And it was a big step for me considering the fact that my family used to always go to the Bombay Bicycle Club in Burbank and I would watch people karaoke, longingly staring at the screen and wishing I had the cojones to do it myself. Well, that never happened. Actually, I did sign up once, but alas, I was so freaked out, I went to the bathroom a billion times and then just left with my family. Anyway, I guess I just finally got up some good 'ol fashioned courage last night--plus, I didn't know a soul there other than those I came with (and will probably never really see them again...). I went up there and sang probably the worst song for a bar/karaoke place--Sarah McLachlan's Fallen. I just felt like the song meant so much to me, and we'd shared so much, and I'd sang it so many times to myself or outloud, or just to feel better, that I had to sing it. I had to do it justice. And so I did. After standing there, under a bright spotlight, with sympathetic and compassionate friends cheering for me (slightly embarassing, but by then...it didn't really matter)...and my voice one of the sole sounds in the place, I felt invincible. It was such a rush. Now I could sing anything! And I pretty much did. Me and Mad Dog--seriously, that's what the guy called himself--monopolized the stage, well, basically. I next went up and sang Heaven by Live--incorrectly thinking it was that kewl Bryan Adams song revamped, nono...I got up there and soon learned it was another song, and I started waving my arms wildly to get them to stop it, which they didn't...Thankfully, I sorta new (not that well though). I made it through the song, but, was still on so much of a high from the whole experience that I felt no embarassment whatsoever--well, not really--compared to normally. It was awesome. That is a very rare experience for me. After that song Jordan and Johanna went up to sing Build Me Up Buttercup, I sang from my seat. It was fun. Then, we all went to sing Happy Together and How Sweet it Is. The DJ guy called us The Brady Bunch--I think it had to do with us all smiley and swaying and stuff up there...plus the drunk guys who joined us for each song. It was quite hilarious. Anyway, I sat back down and some girl came up to me and told me...

"I just wanted to let you know that that Heaven song really touched me and my crew...we were all crying...a bunch of people left crying...we were really touched by it...Thank you!"

I was flattered. But also a little mollified. Could I empty out the entire bar? --heh. I guess they didn't see my b.s.ing the song. That was kewl, and everyone with me started toasting me and cheersing me. (Is that a word?)

Then I went up and sang Emotion by Destiny's Child--they do a lot of random vocalization that sorta threw me off. Then I did...Why Can't I by Liz Phair. People liked that, and it was lots of fun. Afterward I sang...AThousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. I wanted to sing so many more songs, but the place closed. Oh well, 'til next Thursday. It's the new tradition. Awesome.

Anyway, that was one of the best experiences ever. I got over a big fear of mine...hopefully permanently, and had a great time. I remarked to myself last night that I would probably be spending lots of time at the karaoke bar in the future, wherever I am (only English tho, please). Well, after last night, I doubt it not.

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