I guess that last post was a little depressing. There have been some good things. Um...lemme think. Well, I hung out with a bunch of French young ppl Sunday night, that was pretty kewl, but got no real contact info. One of them called and gave me info to help me get classes--I was really surprised and happy. Finally, someone I can sorta depend on to get back to me. esp in France, quite rare (see previous entry). Anyway, what else...oh yes, yesterday it was Allison's birthday and we went to this not-so-good Indian restaurant. I was so starved by that time that I almost ate everything in sight.

oh yeah, and i'm teaching English to someone here, finally found a student. I have ads up, but i bet my bad French grammar is a deterrant. I also found the library here...so I have a card now. yay.

I got my first letter of rec from a former biz editor at The Dispatch. It was nice, but...he emailed it, so...I'm thinking it might have to be sent a little more professionally.

Gosh I am still so freaking mad. Okay. End.

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