I left out some things in the last post. Mainly, La Nuit Blanche, which is an all night artsy-expo-everything-open-in-Paris-all-night sorta thing...It was last Saturday night until Sunday morning. I went with about seven other people. We met up and I ate all their food at their picnic on the grass next to the Eiffel Tower...it was really pretty. Roni and I were the "big talkers" supposedly...so, we kept dominating the convesation, either between us, or into two corners...it was fun. There were some 13-year-old little French boys who kept harassing one of the girls in our group. The one guy in our group was doing nothing, and I was seriously just going to get up and kick the shit out of them. Cuz they were damn annoying. Anyway, finally the guy did something and told them to scram. sigh.

Well, it was me and seven girls. Six of them were buzzed/drunk...and so it was basically me. At the beginning of the night it was okay...by the end of the night...I wanted to kill them all. All in all, I had a pretty good time. Since I was leading, I took them near my place at around 4 a.m....after walking 90 percent of Paris...and told them I was gonna go home and sleep. Here's the thing about always hanging out with girls...they're such freakin' high maintenance...and moody. I mean, it's like a freakin' sorority...Gah! lol. I've typically had more guy friends than girl friends, and just one close girl friend...just because it's easier to do things last minute, just chill or do whatever...there's no drama. Or...not as much. Trust me.

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