My birthday (Part II)...

Well, there was another girl in my program with the same birthday...I know I know...what are the odds? (yes, not that uncommon from a "mathetmatical" standpoint, but still...). Anyway, she was turning 21. Yeah, so officially I'm the youngest person in my group...

So she was having ppl over at her apartment to celebrate, and they kinda just added me onto the invitation..."Come celebrate Tami and Emily's birthday"--they even put my name first...perhaps has a sort of overcompensation or something. Some ppl *did* remember, which was quite surprising for me, and I got a smattering of cards from ppl...and another girl gave me a box of cookies, which I passed around the class for ppl to splurge on (they all seemed surprise I didn't go ahead an gorge myself...but hey, that's not how I work, unless I buy it myself...=P). lol.

Well, I wasn't going to go to Emily's place, but...I kept getting textos (in French parlance...) that said "I better be there..."...

Sidenote: Facebook is amazing, I got so many random birthday wishes b/c of it...I was really blown away. I mean, cuz, I was perfectly ready to sort of ignore the day...

Back to the story: I was a little hesistant about showing up to Emily's for a couple reasons...I didn't wanna crash her party at her apartment...or complicate the situation. Plus, she's more friends with the people at the Center, and I'd hate for ppl to feel obligated to be nice to me just so they wouldn't feel impolite or rude for ignoring me. Really, I don't mind being ignored. Especially if any attention would seem superficial and forced anyway. Somehow that just makes it worse...

So, I made my decision:

les yeux de la tete (8:07:39 PM): i don't wanna steal any crowd or whatever, so it might be uncomfortable
les yeux de la tete (8:07:44 PM): which is why i'm finding the alcohol asap
best friend(8:07:50 PM): haha
les yeux de la tete (8:07:51 PM): and then i'll just be oblivious
les yeux de la tete (8:07:54 PM): if possible

Well, it didn't quite work out that way...
I did find the alcohol...but, I sorta just ended up talking a helluva lot. Ppl were quite nice to me, which was good, I suppose they made an extra effort...lol. I remember the night in bits and pieces...B/c well, at the beginning I was drinking very very slowly. White/rose/red wine and champagne (my favorite!)...no hard stuff or beer. I didn't have much to eat for lunch, or that whole day...just a sandwhich...already a bad decision. So I filled up on chips and cookies there...

I apologized to one of the girls for eating all the stuff there...
Her reply: "Well it's not like you have anything to worry about, and I'm like...what's that fat @$$ doing there eating all the chips..."

Her point made, and my hunger finally satiated...more alcohol arrived (someone made a trip and bought a bottle of champagne ...my request). Anyway, I was a tinsy bit buzzed, it kinda hit me very gradually...and I kept drinking...until I lost count. I actually think I had nearly a dozen glasses of wine...and I had to metro back. But...we'll get to that later. So, it was just a smallish group of ppl, almost all girls, or guys with their girlfriends. It was nice.

Well, I remember one girl commenting on my slightly "nonsober" state...I said, well, so I don't act like this normally? She said I'm usually more in control and articulate...then quickly added...not that ur not articulate now...

I just stared at her. Comprehension then kicked in...(just kidding)...

I had a very very long political discussion about Bush with everyone there while I was in the drunken state of mind...they were all flaming liberals. It was so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I LOVED speaking politics.

Well, now we'll get to the sorta badish part...

If anyone has been around me while drinking. The only way I can really tell if I'm buzzed or drunk or whatever...or, the first sign, at least...is...me spilling things. Yes. I'm a spiller.

Here's the final "death" toll for Emily's apartment:
Red wine stained table
Ruined book
Ruined guide book
Soaked camera
Wine soaked pictures and negatives (that ended up stuck together)
Sticky sticky floor
Wine stained pants (someone else's...)
Wine stained shirt...(someone else's)
Broken plate
Soaked postcard and letter

All me. I actually felt really really badly about it. I tried calling to apologize this morning, but her phone was busy...Anyway, last night, after verbally self-flagellating myself for about half an hour...while ppl kept telling me not to worry, I finally gave it up and drank another cup of wine.

Horrendous, huh?

So, finally, it was time to leave before the metro closes.
I got my stuff together and left with a group of about five ppl...it was raining outside and there were those slippery, slippery cobblestones that the Tour de France riders had so much trouble with. Now, my tennis shoes have absolutely no traction whatsoever...none. Which is another reason I need new shoes, besides the fact that the sole is starting to rip off on them...

Anyway, long story short, I fell. Scraped my hand, smashed my left hip and leg...I actually believe I did a judo fall...tho, I was a little too messed up at the time to appreciate it...

So, it hurts like freakin' hell. Someone asks me if I'm bleeding...I reply: "Not yet." Get up, and keep walking. We finally get to the metro, I get on my train. The others ask if I'll be okay getting home. Of course! I think I would reply the same tho even if I were crawling dead drunk...lol. Well, I got home...somehow...anyway, one good thing--it was freezing...but I didn't even feel it!

I do have to apologize to those who spoke with me last night on the phone or even in person. I was...well...not really myself.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I was finally able to sleep. Then I woke up early this morning, furiously thirsty, drank a couple cups of water, and fell back asleep...until my parents called me up. They'd spent $17 trying to reach me for the last couple days...that sucks. I took the short opportunity of speaking with my parents to ask them a couple minor questions: a) should I go straight to law school, b) what should I do with my life...

I think I frustrated them.

Then, later this morning I called to find out about the Internet...apparently the post office went on strike...so, I'll maybe get the modem Oct. 18. What bloody retards.

Oh, and here's a funny convo I had yesterday, about my whole elevator experience...

best friend (7:56:49 PM): i can just imagine you
best friend (7:56:55 PM): walking down the street
best friend (7:57:02 PM): 5 buildings crash next to you
best friend (7:57:06 PM): and you're like eh whatever
les yeux de la tete (7:57:07 PM): haha
les yeux de la tete (7:57:10 PM): i'm resigned
best friend (7:57:12 PM): this always happens to me
best friend (7:57:23 PM): and everyone is wrecking havoc
best friend (7:57:32 PM): and you're walking down the street with headphones on
best friend (7:57:36 PM): haha

Yup, that's me.

Anyway, in about an hour I'll be teaching an English class...We'll see how that goes...

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