The morning after

Well, the next day I ran into a couple ppl from the night before, I tried to pretend like nothing had happened...perhaps I could scrounge what little dignity was left for me after my former fiasco...

So, of course, I'm asked about my hand, whether it feels okay...all the while, the girl's excessibly grinning at me...and, I can't help but smile myself, but entirely out of embarassment...not enjoyment.

I quickly hurried away after a sort of mumbled response..."yeah...it's okay..."...


Then I walked over to the metro, and got to see a guy peeing, literally 10 feet away from me, facing me. It was an awesome sight to behold. (cue the sarcasm)

I taught my couple English classes, and then went out to dinner with some friends and proceeded to blow all my money on the dinner. I'm stupidly cheap, quite often...and in the case of food, my logic works something like this.

A) starve myself
B) get food, eat well, very well...hold out for a couple weeks...blow entire budget on getting ripped off-->but hey! It's sustenance!

Btw, try explaining "sustenance" and "livelihood" to someone who doesn't understand English...it's not as easy as you think.

Then after the dinner, I was on the metro, and...you know that scene in Fugitive on the metro? Well, there was this guy on the metro, and he looked like he was about to cry or something, obviously very agitated. In the same car were three guys from La Police Nationale...moving toward this guy. Armed and all that...They went for the guy and "detained" him...felt him up, and down...and then took him off the metro. Most ppl on the metro were ignoring the situation, perhaps out of politeness...of course, I was craning my neck back the whole time, trying to see what the hell was going on. I think I annoyed the cop next to me. hehe.

Afterwards, I was a little more subdued. Hmm...those policemen were armed...hmm...some random guy on *my* metro...of course. Hmm...I wonder what could have happened. (Again, of course it's on my car...do you see how these things always happen to me?!?! That is why I am resigned.)

Oh well...at least I'd get the exclusive...

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