There's this one girl in our program who is very pretentious and just sorta...mean to me, w/out really knowing it, I have a feeling. Anyway, we keep sorta clashing on little things. I mean, she'll say..."oh...last night was a Jewish holiday..." and I'll be like..."It still is."...and she'll be like "it started last night"...eh, whatever, stupid things like that. She's also the McDonald's comment girl, for those of you who have been following this drama for a while...j/k (sorta).

Anyway, I keep clashing with her, as already said, and then I check her livejournal (I don't think she knows I know the address), sort of morbidly waiting to see an entry written (much like this one...hmm...I wonder if she has my address...)...that completely disses me. I have no clue why I am so masochistic.

In other news, last night was Simchat Torah, and it was highly anticlimactic compared to what I'm used to at Berkeley...I mean, here, the girls do crap--they're not allowed to do anything. So...it just becomes social hour or whatever. It's horrible--and lends itself, in my opinion to a second-tier system within the community and a lack of spirituality among the women. I mean, b/c...why the hell should they care, if they're constantly pushed back. literally.

I was invited to a billion ppl's homes at a time...and I felt guilty saying no to some. It's even harder to express indecision pragmatically in a different languages, and I just hope my expressions of agony were good enough of an indication that I wanted to go everywhere at once.

Anyway, last night while walking back from one of the ppl's houses pretty late (~midnight), I checked my cell phone and found out that somehow, someway...someone had added 100E to my phone. Now, lemme explain. I buy cards from tabacs (aka small stands) that allow me to add minutes to my cell. I've been trying to live on 30E a month, which is about 60 minutes of phone calls. Absolutely nothing, right? I was down to 3 minutes...and I was going to have to buy more. I mean, it's horrible b/c I'm barely able to communicate with ppl. (One good thing: incoming calls are free...). Anyway, I got a message on my phone that said somehow I had 100E added onto my phone, which is equivalent to more than 200 minutes on my cell--they add more minutes as you buy in greater amounts. The only thing is...I never bought a card, never recharged my cell...I have no subscription to any plan...and I have absolutely no clue what the hell happened. But damn am I happy. I hope it stays...lasts...continues.

And then, to brighten my day today...Ma'Ayn sent me a package! I got Avril Lavigne's CD--with "Happy Ending" on it, a fetish for the momentish...and I got cookies and candy. I think I scared this French lady nearby because when my friend handed me the package...I was esctatic. (I just generally don't get much mail here. You must understand...). That made my day. Thanks Ma'Ayn...

Now I must begin to slaughter myself over my books, apps, reading, oral presentation, classes, etc...

I cannot wait until my parents visit in a couple weeks. If I am still alive.

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