Chirac disgusts me.


Not only how he snubbed Allahwi...but also how he said that crap to Blair, to Britain...how he had that "masquerade" of a head of state ceremony for Arafat...Gosh.

The rabbi at the synagogue gave a talk about it the other day in services, it was rather funny and quite sad. He wouldn't even pronounce the "master terrorist's" name...

Every week at synagogue we usually say a prayer for the country (be it the United States, France, etc...where you're living), and Israel, of course. The rabbi questioned whether or not we should continue saying that prayer for France. It was merely rhetorical, but quite effective. Of course, I couldn't agree more...France has become a politically ... country. They cater to their Muslim populace...without much (in my opinion) moral care.

It's interesting living here.

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