My first time swimming, since that fateful day in May (ah...rhyme). And actually, the whole thing is quite fitting. To finally go swimming again, after what happened. Now.

Well, I decided I was gonna try the pool here. It's about a 10-15 minute walk from my place...not bad at all, a la Strawberry Canyon.

I got all my stuff together, walked in and it was really kewl...they not only have the pool, which is quite nice, but they also have judo, aikido, kung fu, capoeira classes...and a gym (not w/ workout stuff tho) for basketball and I assume other similar sports like badminton, etc...nice. I love badminton.

Anyway, I went to the locker room, which aren't same-sex, tho you get ur own changing room thing, the showers and everything are co-ed. Eh, it's France. Guys have to wear speedos, which is quite amusing in and of itself.

Everyone there was super nice, and the guy working there gave me a euro piece to use the lockers, since I didn't have change, showed me everything there. Then I changed...I realized that you have to use a swim cap--the damn things are what stopped me from swimming in the first place...way back when I was a "minnow" at the YMCA. Anyway, I went to the lifeguard and she lent me a cap. I went back and tried with all my might to get it on. But I just have too much hair! Sigh...(Sorry Amy, I know I shouldn't be complaining, heh)...Anyway, some guy saw me struggling and helped me get the damn thing on. I was like..."yeah...I have too much hair..." and he was like, "No! It's beautiful. That's what makes women women (his emphasis)...that and beautiful eyes...Bon courage!"

So, I took my mandatory pre-shower (actually, before this whole swim cap incident), and then jumped in the pool, began my laps. And it was so weird to think that it was the first time swimming again since May 2. But, it really was--and it wasn't bad at all. Awesomeness. I did my laps...worked up a sweat in the pool, which is always weird. Then...went back to the post-shower thing and...looked in the mirror. And realized why I had so desperately tried to buy a new Speedo before leaving the States.

The bathing suit was basically see through!

After freaking out momentarily. I calmed myself down. Hey! It's Europe...

Grabbed my towel...wrapped it around myself, changed...and decided to buy a new bathing suit asap.

Yup, so, I'm gonna alternate btwn swimming and running if I can. Definitely swimming tho...as often as I can. I will also see about those martial arts classes, gotta love 'em. Altho, I can take them at the fac (short for faculty--university) next semester for free! Ohkay...now I'm gonna make myself some food b/c I haven't eaten all day...take a shower while it's cooking...

...and start writing my paper due tomorrow. then studying for that midterm. yeah...I'm behind. But, in a good mood! (Can you tell?)

I just hope it lasts.

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