Okay, final post for the night.

More reasons to be happy:

I think I freaked Robbie out with my philosophical discussion about the wonderful pain of being alive. I spoke about this with my prof, yes, the married one...totally over that. Anyway, we'd spoken before about how being alive is, to a certain extent, about experiencing, feeling pain. When it becomes all pain...that's where suicide comes in. Ahem. Anyway...

Yeah, I was walking down the street and had tears in my eyes...just thinking about the beautiful pain that is life. True, I was a tad emotional, it was after the whole computer breakdown thing.

Anyway, I totally detracted myself here from my original purpose. *clears throat*...reasons to be happy!

1) Isaac's gonna be getting AIM (or so he said...), lol. Perhaps I will have my old chess learning inspiration back to play with online! (and talk to, bien sur).

2) I am finally able to get to 30 sitsups...tho still dying of breath afterwards (I told u this was bad)...I have never been unable to do 30 situps. But, it's okay, am getting back into the grind of things. Think healthy!

3) I got Trillian. Dunno why I never did before. It's awesome.

4) I heard Nathan Sharansky speak at services yesterday. So, it was a smart move not going to hear him at The Sorbonne talk thing Thanksgiving potluck night. I rarely make such good decisions, which work out. Anyway, it was kewl...He spoke in Hebrew, the Rabbi translated.*

Okay, some not so good things. I have a midterm and paper due Monday. Haven't started prep for either...and they're both in French...(read: will take a long time).

One other kewl/weird thing about Paris. I have been calling up sports places in Paris recently, and every time I call up, invariably the guy who I was getting information from will starting chatting with me. lol, seriously. It will end up being some 20 minute long conversation! For e.g. I called up for some sports classes and this guy told me his name, and when I got off the phone he was like...so, u'll be coming in tomorrow at 8 p.m.? --I never did go in, b/c I have no motivation whatsoeover. Or didn't... Anyway, the other guy at the pool (on the phone) was like...ask for Michel...I may go swimming tomorrow. But, en tout cas I've learned my lesson with strange guys in Paris.

*Added 11/28/04, 3:32 p.m.

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