One thing. I think the high drink prices in bars here encourage alcoholism. Let me explain...You can go buy five bottles of wine often for the price of one drink at a restaurant here...So, people end up drinking in their homes, alone, watever, to get their "buzz"--pompette--hey! why not down the whole bottle while you're at it?

Sounds good to me.


I forgot to mention, I went running today. Yes, finally. Remind me next time to go running with a cute guy about 100 meters ahead of me. Damn it really helps. I totally kept up pace, and then passed him...ah...it was pure joy. Then I took a quick glance at his face--eh, not that good looking...but whatever. In any case, I kept running...I had to beat him! I kept paranoically thinking he was gonna try and pass me. Man, if I was him I woulda been pissed that some girl was beating me. Anyway, it was great. In my out of shape mode...I ran my heart out. lol. Now you see the intrinsic difference between me and most girls. While most girls would catch up with the guy and then run near him, or slow down so that he could catch up...me? I just wanted to kick his arse.

And that is why I was never meant for relationships.

Ah, I kid. or do I.

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