Everything fell through. Of course. Especially since I wrote about it on a blog. The sure way to kill plans is to mention them to someone before they materialize...lol.

But no, I'm not at all disappointed. Seriously, because dinner ended so late and I just wanted to come home anyway. Okay, okay...I wanted to go sing karaoke. So I was disappointed. Moreso because I had no one to call up on the spur of the moment and just go hang out with...who would be willing, able and fun to hang out with. Yup, no one.

I mean it was kewl, I got the call to go clubbin'...but I really am not so into that. Especially since I want to go to temple tomorrow, I am still getting over a cold...and don't have much money. Plus, I have no clubbing clothing...and I don't know if it's smart to put myself in such a situation...I mean, going to a club I've never been to, with people I've never hung out in a club with before...and I dunno if they've been there before...okok, I'm rambling. But, I prefer caution, especially my last couple weeks...

Yeah, so I'm here. Eyeing my phone card...nervously.

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