I feel like I should write about Ohio. This past summer. I mean, Columbus, OH, who would have thought the place would get so much press this past year. But, I suppose it's because I did my internship at The Columbus Dispatch this past summer...Lucky break I suppose. Now it might be even better for me.

This summer, despite all the crap that happened, was such a good experience, in all things. Work, life, love, music, beer drinking. (Hey, it's the Midwest what do you expect?) Of course, within reason.

Anyway, I suppose w/ beer in the midwest, wine in France, normal mixed drinks. I've had my drinking education covered. Hm.

Now, Jordan got on AIM the same day Isaac did (for the first time)...a couple hours later. He told me he was really guilty about not emailing me back from months way back (like I actually care, which I didn't/don't...cuz I don't get hung up on stuff like that). Anyway, he was soooo guilty...he'd been having guilty dreams with me in them, about emailing me back, etc... Funny huh? It's a wonder the power I have.

Well, I don't feel like elaborating on anything right now. So I'll just leave that post as is. Entirely vague, jumpy and nonsensical.

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