Isaac came on AIM again! I thought it woulda been a one time thing--that other time we spoke online when he first got AIM. But, I've got to realize. He's not Patrick. Ha! It was kinda sad, I was gonna call him Patrick a couple times. Blech.

Anyway, I was afraid of really speaking to him about nething "deep" so to speak, b/c...well, I want him to be comfie speaking w/ me first. After all, it's not exactly old times. Though it sure felt like it.

And...he said "goodnight my dear"...

Now, does that mean he's joking around? Sounds a little paternal in fact...ugh. Well, I'll take it as sweet. I'm "his dear"...I hope. =)

Oh yes, final thing: He might be up in the SF area next year! Joy!

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