Just got back from hanging out with Anya and Roni. It was really nice. They were near my house...so I just walked back home.

One of Anya's friends brought his really really good looking roommate along. His name is Bill and he looks like a younger version of Jude Law. I'm serious.

It kinda sucked because I wasn't former friends with Anya's other friends there...and they all had a connection of currently going to the same school. So at times I felt a little out of it. I was privately wondering if there was anyway to get this Bill guy to chat with me.

Then Roni asked him what he was studying. And he said, Journalism and French.

Aha! Well, well, well...


In general, it was a fun night. I just wish I got to know Bill better. He's a friend of Anya's friend. And...he lives in Paris. However, Anya is leaving in about a month. So G-d knows if I'll even hang in the same group with him ever again.

Well, here's to randomness, hope and...a little bit of luck.

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