So Kenny, Asian, British-accent guy called tonight. Or, actually, asked me to call him because he didn't have any more minutes. Bastard.

Anyway, he's honestly somewhat of a bore to speak to...I can't read him. We were speaking about books like we normally do, ebay and all that...then he brought up politics...


Bad idea on his part. I blathered on for the next hour...without much stop.

He kindly interrupted me after a while...said he had to get to bed. Then asked for his book back by this weekend...he needs it for an assignment. So that's why he called! Poor guy. He should have just told me from the beginning. lol.

He thanked me for the "lecture"...then said he was kidding after I got offended (in jest)...Anyway, that was a little ennerving. I sort of feel like he feels he's obliged to keep in contact with me. Seriously, I'm a no pressure kinda gal. Heh.

In fact, when his name first showed up on my phone, I'd forgotten who he was for a moment. I know...that's bad.

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