Sometimes things happen in life that we all expected, but never planned for.

Sometimes we may plan for these things, but half-heartedly, never imagining that they would actually happen.

And when it does? What then. How to react? Does all life have to stop? Do we continue?...How does one continue...I mean, what, exactly, is the protocol.

Just because you are there Michelle to see it, doesn't mean you must suffer more.

As poetically waxing/taxing as it may be to say: you must be strong Michelle, be strong even though it can be painful, even though it can hurt to be the parent for one's parent...That is not your job. Realize that it is not for you. You must realize this: that you are not party to the crime nor implicated in any of the actions that may result...There was nothing you could do. Nothing I could do. Nothing you can do other than support, be strong...be there.

And then come to Paris and take a break from all this seriousness. We will make things better. But better does not mean back to how it was. Though things will be different, they can still be better.

Remember, I love you. Call me, whenever.

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