Just got off the phone with...(drumroll)...Jack.

Yep, he called. Can you believe it?

What's more...I didn't give a damn. Not one flip flop of joy in me. In fact, quite the opposite. I mean, it's freakin' 3 a.m.!

He said he was sorry (I didn't dare ask for what...that always gets him in trouble...he kinda likes the general say it for no real reason thing because he's so self-righteous sorta "sorry"...), and then gave me some crap about wanting to be friends.

I was honest, I said--wouldn't it be weird?

Then he tried throwing the old...well, there was crap on the other side before card...

"Are you saying 'evens-stevens?...Because that is not at all the case. Remember, you're the one with the huge deficit here."

More crap about him wanting to talk to me. To just talk me.

"To what end?" I asked him.

He apparently just wants to talk, 'tis all.

"But didn't you want to talk before?...And we saw how that ended up."

But he has more time now.

"You always had time."

And that pretty much ended it.

I told him I had to get to sleep because of the time. It was a five-minute convo. Max.

Good night.

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