I am under EXTREME duress right now...and starting to come apart...

After a lovely Thursday evening...today has gone from bad, to worse.

Currently, a Korean family is asleep in my VERY smelly apartment (it is not me)...snoring their lungs out. In fact, I started whistling to add to the symphony. And let me explain this...I cannot sleep when people snore. Not. One. F*cking. Bit.

Let me explain something else. This past week I've slept maybe 10 hours, total. I was looking forward to sleeping tonight.

I went to buy earplugs. Paid $3.50 for the damn things. Put them in. And I can still here the f*ckers snoring.

Extremely angry right now.

Oh yes, did I mention my entire computer crashed, I had to reinstall Windows, lost all my files and programs and am now working on "safe mode"...800 x 600 pixels resolution, scratchy and garbled would be the key descriptives here...and my head is starting to hurt from staring at the screen. Oh and I have three exams this coming week...three papers to write.

$#%@! #@%#^!!! #$^%$@$#%!

[Insert gargantuan stream of cuss words and hysterical lamentations.]

I haven't got a damn thing done. I can't listen to the radio. Can't listen to music on my computer. No music. No music. And no progress on my work either.

My place suddenly feels like a prison, and let's just say I am not in a good mood.

Quick update, five minutes after posting time: Walked into kitchen, tried eating food without incident. Used one of my three remaining cups to get a class of water...and promptly broke the glass in managing to walk the one foot to my table. F*CK. Clothes wet, socks wet...glass all over the place. Utterly exhausted. It's a good thing I hadn't closed this post previously with something like..."What more could happen?"...in any case, I thought it. I suppose this is what I get.

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