So. Fumi(gati)ng. Mad.

My landlord just came today to pick up rent, and brought a whole slew of other problems, including a $120 phone bill, an additional $60 Internet bill, and news of homelessness. Yes. Homelessness.

Apparently their whole-hearted agreement and joy over the fact that the apartment would not remain empty this summer, meaning they would still be ripping off some poor student, and still have said student leave early enough to get another one in for the following year...only extends to the end of July--even though they had previously said there would be absolutely no problem with me staying into August. They casually ask me this now, even though they knew I had already rebought my plane ticket, finalized my working days with my office and invited my cousin to come aid me in my last weeks in Paris with packing. That's how good deeds get thanked these days. Thrown out on the streets! (Sorry Amy, we *obviously* must talk.)

The odd thing? I double, triple, quadruple checked with them. But I think they believe I am slowly tearing down their place or something. This morning my landlord woke me up because the hot plate stove wasn't working. He thought I'd broke it. I was properly defensive and clueless. Searched about the place, and guess what? The electricity wasn't working. I don't think they like me.

Anyway, he inquired as to when I would leave Paris today...as if I had not told him. Apparently he and his wife suddenly decided to go on vacation, bought the tickets and everything...without a second thought to me. They won't get back till late August, and so they need me out of here and the place fixed up before they go. F*ck.

I am so angry I could cry.

As for the Internet company, well the bills are f*cking b.s. The huge phone bill is my calling their technical service--no results. The huge Internet bill is well...a huge Internet bill for no such service that I was paying for. What's worse, my landlord expects me to pay anyway because he's being charged by the phone company. So anyway, I received two free phone cards from the Internet company to call them some more and "resolve" this problem.

My landlord took one.

Gah! #@$#$@%#*&$!

I am so pissed off...this morning I saw another one of Jack's flybys...and snarlingly closed the window. I've now started having nightmares about the damn things popping up--he always does it when I'm asleep. Coward.

The last straw: A midterm tomorrow on information that I missed while I was sick. My other American "comrades" aren't being so kind about giving me notes that I missed. Let's say they're playing hard to get...or, let's screw over LYLT.

At least blogger was finally nice enough to allow me access to my own damn journal to post this up. Otherwise heads would have fallen.

Ask me how I'm doing in two weeks.

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