I was hesitant about writing this post. About writing about Jack's most recent contact with me. He contacted me? Yes. Why was I hesitant? Because, in writing about it, you dwell on it, and I didn't want to dwell, nor give it more than a second's thought. But, in doing that, of course, I dwelled. So, I thought, what the hell. I owe y'all some new reading material.

About five days ago Jack IMmed me a flyby "Hope things are going okay"...and then signed off AIM as quickly as he had got on. Granted, I had an away message up, but it was annoying, slightly frustrating, and made him pop back into my consciousness. I agonized for a few long minutes...which continued sporadically on to the next day, over the why of it all, then let it drop.

So last night, he IMmed me again. I wasn't on away, and he didn't sign off. Ironic that he can finally use AIM when before he had said flat out he wouldn't go on it, even when I had asked him to. Ironic that he's contacting me now, after I finally get the hang of not contacting him. Ironic that I don't care anymore when I get a message from him. Or at least, I care less. A lot less...So much so that I can leave the computer when chatting with him, that I can not immediately reply to a message. You see? So much less.

By the way, we're getting married.

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