Finally back in what I call home. At least for now. While in Dublin I managed to watch a part of "Garden State"...a movie I've been meaning and trying to see forever, but haven't managed to...yet. Anyway, before the movie stopped midway and wouldn't continue playing (I swear something is conspiring against me here), I did manage to see what has, thus far, become my favorite scene:

...the two main characters are in the pool, shallow end...the guy talks about home...how at a certain point in your life you realize that your "home" is no longer your home...that you've moved on, out and passed it...but you still haven't found a (for lack of a non-cliched phrase) new place to call home...

The short movie conversation struck some profound chords within me. Because damn if it's not so true.

Now, returning to my initial thought...I was so glad to be back home...here...in Paris. Walking into my apartment, being back in the city, seeing the same people...but especially my room...was a security blanket.

How odd that a mere eight months ago I was nearly bawling whenever I found myself alone in my apartment, felt a veil of depression descend whenever I stepped back into the city...and yearned for "home."

I guess this has really become my new home. I suppose it's a good thing I'm staying through the summer, or I'd be leaving in two weeks, just as I finally truly settled down. Plus, I don't think I'm ready to go back home and face a hard cold reality.

And to keep with the "theme" of this entry...an amusing quiz. I swear I didn't tamper with the results:

American Cities That Best Fit You:

70% Los Angeles

70% San Francisco

60% New York City

60% Washington, DC

55% Boston

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