I never dated anyone until the end of my senior year in high school--against my parents' wishes--and the difficulty of doing that (especially if you aren't willing to lie) made me and the guy decide to just be friends. We still are.

However, once I got to college, the lying wasn't necessary...and so I dated. I've only been dating for about 2.75 years now. When I met Jack it'd only been about nine months MAX of me dating. The thing is, I wasn't use to getting attention from guys. When I was younger I was a big tomboy...and then took pride in being a big nerd in high school. I wasn't into (and still am not) very revealing, tight clothing. I prefer to play it comfortable, classy and low key (not that those are necessarily opposing adjective to the previous ones I listed).

Anyway, I suppose two years really does make a difference because I finally know how to reply, or at least deal with such minstrations. Don't get me wrong here...I'm not saying I'm all hot and stuff (far from it) and always getting hit on by guys...most of the guys who hit on me are psychotics or drunkards...I probably seem like easy prey and I'm not butt ugly (those of you who have read my blog a while can back me up on the psychotics and drunkards). In any case, I suppose I just wanted to say that it's a real pity that I didn't learn all this sooner. I mean I still don't really know how to date...since ~1.5 of those 2.75 years was spent in a single relationsihps. However, I am so much wiser than I was--and I guess that's nice--though I have so much still to learn.

I also currently suffer from this condition...it's called "once I kiss a guy I stop liking him as much and start losing interest nearly exponentially." I'm trying to get rid of this "condition" by sticking it out. Any other suggestions? Budding psychoanalysts?

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