Low on time? Lots to say? Make a list:

1) I open up my bank account today and saw:

Available Balance $-66.90

And the excitement keeps coming...

2) Six final exams in a period of five days, then a weekend school trip followed by a final paper due the day after. I am so dead.

3) Do I keep that damn ipod shuffle? Is it ethical?

4) My friends finally met German guy. One of them had, what she termed "love at first sight" and the other called me tonight for the longest phone conversation we've ever had to find out "what's up with him"...Ha.

*I* on the other hand have the worst timing for things. German guy and I have moved past the simple just friends scenario...to put it bluntly and vaguely. One slightly funny/maybe bothersome thing--anytime I mention a former boyfriend or such situation, German guy literally physically starts to cringe in front of be, give me a look of disgust, goes noncommital or just changes the subject. I'm not sure if this is a sign of jealousy or detachment from the whole relationship look of things, but it's a little odd, and makes me feel like I need to carefully avoid certain subjects with him--no good.

Anyway, German guy has mentioned, half-jokingly, "our kids" and "marriage" followed by talk of "conversion" a couple times. The thing about him thinking about our kid kinda threw me for a loop, but prepared me for that other stuff. He also asked me, "Do you this will ruin our friendship?"...a thought that, honestly, hadn't really crossed my mind...but, I guess I'm just not experienced enough to have gone through that scenario...."because, I care," he continued. It was a little weird, I told him I didn't think anything should...kinda flustered and blustered myself out of that one.

When I told him about my whole not having sex before marriage thing he took it pretty well. I think. About an hour and a half later he turns to me and says:

"So, when you say you're not having sex before marriage...you really should specify whether or not you're willing to marry a non-Jew..."

By the way, he's Protestant, in case you were wondering.

It's kinda fun telling good friends such information because it adds another dimension to jokes. For example, today we were hanging out and I joked about German guy already being "around the block"...He didn't understand the phrase. So I said that you could say, for example, that a girl has "been around the block" meaning she's been "with" (had sex, for example) a lot of guys. To which my school friend added, "like LYLT over there"..., and I grinned, "Yep, you know it!" And then German guy and I looked at each other and laughed.

Anyway, my only problem in all of this...because it really seems like he likes me and stuff...is that I don't know exactly what we are. When my friends asked about him I didn't want to lay claim to him, especially since we haven't had "THE talk"...but at the same time it's ridiculous not to say anything when there's obviously something there. Of course, I introduced him today as "my friend, the German guy"...because I didn't know what I should say. I'm not sure if I need to, or should, broach the issue now with him...nor what to say. Perhaps I'm just responding to the societal pressure to always label things, people and relationships...

In any case, I'm not quite sure what I should do, and it's annoying.

Editor's Note:

It's 1:32 a.m. and I just got this text from German guy:

"I hope u have a good sleep tonight. lemme know when u wanna do lunch tomorrow. I will come over and prepare something in ur kitchen. Kisses and kisses--your friend german guy"...

Did he just answer my question? He's so contradictory at times, and so damn confusing.

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