Thanks for caring about where I disappeared off to--yes, I'm "alive"...working 11 hour days at the office.

One positive thing about this is I got my paychecks today and didn't think I'd be getting paid overtime...and realized I was. The best part of it is--last month, working 17 days, I clocked 50 hours of overtime...

What a life, huh?

Or, as I'm not prone to say, "eh?"

Apparently I've somehow picked up the Canadian "eh," the German "ja" and I'm working on the Italian "pronto"...

So yeah, tons of action on the home front. Trying to steady into this new working rhythm without becoming a full on workaholic.

At least it's distracting though.

On the romantic front...I've fallen fully back into the Jack thing. I'm a goner in that arena. But boy does it feel good. Hopefully things will be better this time. In any case, I'm not doing that long distance dating thing ever again. (Emphasis on the last two words. My brief stint last summer made me realize I'm still too choppy at communication to risk it over a distance, especially the Atlantic.)

German guy has left France forever (well, while I'm still here)...I realize I never did tell you guys how we broke up. Suffice it to say for now (until I have more time to get the story out...) that it was "mutual" in a sort of last-minute face-saving way...and I was, per usual, rather awkward in my execution. But it worked all right.

Many other Germans ended up flying into the picture over the last two weeks...and I went on a last minute trip to Cologne...but those are stories for another post.

Really, though, just bringing this back around to the beginning of my post...I am quite touched that you guys checked up on me. Thanks Serial and NML. You both rock.

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