Oh how things change

As of late…

I realize I have become a lot more cynical about relationships in the last couple years. I guess I have really matured (and I find it depressing that I can even equate those two things--jaded and maturity). Here's what made me think of this: last night I remembered having a conversatoin with a guy in Dec. 2003, while I was travelling in Israel. He asked me whether I thought this couple in our group had just started dating or were longterm (they were very loveydovey)…I told him, of course they've probably been dating for at least a year! My assumption being, the longer you date the better the relationship.

Of course, as the guy had correctly suspected, they had only been dating for a few months. He laughed at my innocence and idealism.

Nowadays? I too laugh at myself…shocked by my extreme naivete back then. If he had asked me the same question today, I wouldn't have even thought twice about it.

"Newbies," I'd say, "maybe a month, two…three max," without a second thought.

I find that rather sad.

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